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The MARIENBAD COSMETICS cosmetic products draw their power from the natural curative resources of Mariánské Lázně into which nature kept depositing its energy for thousands of years. The traditional and well-tested methods of regeneration known from the spa treatment were used in the development of the individual products, while respecting the requirements of modern cosmetics.



The nature has been depositing mineral substances full of energy for thousands of years in the peat bogs of the clean environment near Mariánské Lázně, creating the material we call peat. It has been used for curative treatments – baths, wraps, etc. for centuries for its unique effects... and now it is being used in cosmetics. The peat baths were used already in the Ancient Greece, and they have been used in Central Europe for about 200 years.

The word peat or “peloid” comes from the Greek word «pelos» meaning a fen or quagmire soil created by natural fen-producing geological and biological processes. The peat originating in mineral water is suitable for the curative purposes as well as for the Peola Vital cosmetics line.


The peat composition is influenced by the composition of the mineral water and other natural chemical processes. Silicon, zinc, magnesium and plant enzymes hydrate, regenerate, vitalize and help restructure and “rejuvenate” the skin. The humin substances mitigate the manifestations of irritated and itching skin, at the same time strengthening its protective acidic shield. The body can thus protect itself from the germs and it becomes more resistant.


Biochemical qualities of peat:
Peat also contains the humification process products (humic acids) which participate in the complex peloid effect during direct application. Peat contains large amounts of mineral substances important for our body and skin. It protects the skin from the negative effects, especially from the UV radiation, without suffocating the skin. Especially in the case of a more mature skin (around 50 years of age) the cells of the underlying layer of skin need to be constantly “controlled” by three minerals – magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, which are contained abundantly in peat. Peat also contains large amounts of sulphide sulphur which is a great helper in fighting fungal diseases.



There are almost 100 springs around Mariánské Lázně, with some 40 of them springing on the territory of the town itself. The local springs are cold (7-10°C), with a light content of minerals and of different chemical composition. Many different diseases can be treated in Mariánské Lázně because of this chemical variety. For cosmetics purposes, the Ferdinand’s Spring is used most often. Its composition is similar to that of the Cross Spring but it is somewhat more mineralized. The spring is used fully for drinking cures and carbon baths preparation.