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How does it work



The spa cosmetics “Marienbad cosmetics” has been developed on basis of the latest knowledge of contemporary dermatology and at the same time it utilizes the natural curative resources characteristic for the spa of Mariánské Lázně. Currently there are two deluxe lines differing by the nature of their recipes. The effects of the PEOLA Line (derived from the word peloid = peat = fen) are based on the spa peat used in many variants of treatments accompanying the spa stays. The PEOLA Line consists of a day and night cream PEOLA VITAL 75, eye cream PEOLA VITAL fb, body lotion PEOLA LOTION, shower gel PEOLA ENERGY SHOWER GEL, soaps PEOLA SOAP and PEOLA SOAP PEELING and peat bath PEOLA VITAL BATH. The PURE Line utilizes the qualities of the mineral water from Mariánské Lázně and offers the facial mask PURE LINE HYDRATING MINERAL MASK and the mineral bath MINERAL BATH containing the minerals from the Ferdinand’s Spring.

The products based on mineral water and peat nourish the skin and the subcutaneous tissue optimally, prevent dehydration and ageing of skin and also increase its resistance to the negative external effects. The new technology of obtaining the peat extract provides for an effective working of the active substances as well as a luxurious delight from caring for your skin. The modern composition of the creams is based on the latest trends in cosmetics development. The recipe contains highly valued ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut and castor oil or pomegranate oil. At the same time the cosmetics now contain the unique CELL-PROTECT complex technology based on boosting the protection of the cell from the external influences and ageing effects.




This technology is based on the cooperation of the active substances, called liposomes, and an effective set of vitamins. Due to the high content of the essential poly-unsaturated fatty acids the liposomes allow for transport of the necessary vitamins ACE deep into the skin. This brings about a much more profound effect of these vitamins which regenerate the skin, increase its elasticity and softness and shield it from the harmful UV radiation and also catch the free radicals.

The recipe also contains highly valuable substances such as Shea butter, coconut and castor oil or pomegranate oil.

Fibroblast technology

A unique composition of eye cream levels effectively damaged structure of a matrix that forms a supporting structure of skin. The fibroblasts, which are responsible for production of elastin fibres and collagen, disappear and their performance reduces with age. This weakens the supporting tissue and skin becomes slack. Re-levelling of the fibre matrix limits the effects of ageing.